About Us

SABAH Bhutan’s Aim

SABAH Bhutan Aims “to improve market access for the women’s products by converting them into fashionable, market-friendly products all under the common, “made-in-SAARC” label and the SABAH Bhutan brand, allow women to market collectively and eventually replace the middlemen in the value chain”

SABAH Bhutan’s Objective

The main objectives of SABAH Bhutan are to:

i. To promote the welfare of the home based workers

ii. To facilitate, promote and provide guidance for the enhancement of the skills of the home based workers and thereby revive the traditional and cultural heritage of traditional art, skills and designs

iii. To provide facilities through various activities of SABAH for the generation of employment and income of the women home based workers

iv. To facilitate and promote, through participatory initiative, the marketing of the products of the home based workers, thereby ensuring sustained, adequate and secured livelihoods

v. To provide a platform for product marketing and facilitation of product initiative and research

vi. To generate awareness and recognition of the work of these home based workers