Name : Sangay Lhamo

Sector : Textile/ Weaving/ Related works

Sangay Lhamo, 48 years old, originally from Kheng Gongdu, Mongar (a remote village in the eastern Bhutan) lives in Thimphu since her marriage for more than 20 years now.

She has four children (3 daughters and 1 son) who are all studying. Her husband who works in the Road Safety and Transport Authority earns an income of Nu. 8000 per month which she says is

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Pema-ChezomName : Pema Chezom

Sector : Textile/ Weaving

Pema Chezom, 26 year old, a Class II drop out is a permanent member with SABAH Bhutan. She is a leader in her group for the weaving unit, and also the first weaver to join SABAH Bhutan TFC.

She joined the organization to support her husband who is a driver as his salary was barely sufficient to support her family and meet the expenditure pay for the education for her two children.

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Sangay-WangzomName : Sangay Wangzom

Sector : Tailoring

Sangay Wangzom, 38 years old – is a Board member of SABAH Bhutan and has been working as a tailor for an year in the organization. She has three children (2 daughters and 1 son). Her husband works as a driver in a Government sector with an income of Nu.9000 per month, which she says is not sufficient for the family as most of the salary gets deducted towards the payment of the educational loan they had taken her eldest daughters education.

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